Meaning of Dreaming about Customs

Dreaming in a customs office in front of officials who review documents or packages indicates that competitors are attentive to what the dreamer is doing in order to take advantage of him.

Dreaming of being entertained by customs personnel suggests that soon they will receive retribution for their actions.

Dreaming of leaving a customs office implies that you are living or that you will soon experience failures and losses, not necessarily in the economic aspect.

The symbolism of a customs in dreams is frequently that of a guarded passage, something that watches us, if our documents are in order and our luggage does not contain anything prohibited, improper or illegal, or at least if the customs officer does not discover it, we can continue .

It may be a reminder to vary your reckless habits or management your needs.

It might probably symbolize addictive habits.

Goals through which you’re feeling responsible symbolize emotions that you’ve repressed in your waking life. You do not let these feelings out while you’re aware, and so your unconscious has to launch them.

The dream may very well be a pun on the legislation. Has somebody been avoiding the legislation these days and desires their unconscious to inform them to watch out? However, it may symbolize your relationship along with your in-laws or what you wish to have sooner or later. Possibly he is able to calm down and have in-laws.

Dreaming of customs means issues that we all the time do in the identical approach. Dreaming of customs symbolizes that we should break with the routine of all the time performing in the identical approach. If within the dream the particular person sees himself with unhealthy habits on the desk, this means issues in sustaining the wedding. If the particular person goals, the particular person sees himself with good consuming habits, this represents good relations with the in-laws. If the particular person sees within the dream that his kids have good habits in school, this implies success in his future. If within the dream the particular person sees that he has customs of getting different companions, this expresses hazard to be recognized by everybody in his home.

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