Meaning of dreaming about food

Dreaming of food of any kind but that is only on display, indicates that the dreamer usually leaves important matters pending to attend to trivialities and useless matters.

In general, dreams about food can have multiple meanings, are deeply allegorical and are often related to the emotional life of the dreamer.

In the symbolism of dreams, food in variety and abundance such as that which can be found in an environment such as a supermarket, a self-service, a buffet restaurant , or the like, may suggest that there are ideas hovering in the mind that need to be digested. The phrase “food for the mind” is usually a good way to interpret and understand this dream, too much food can suggest that you are fed up with some situation, relationship or person. Too few foods, where they should be abundant, can suggest a state of mind in which no viable outlets are found.

From a physiological point of view, it is possible that this dream is simply a message from the body itself about incorrect or harmful eating habits.

For the interpretation of dreams in which we find ourselves consuming any type of food, it is important to try to remember the type of food we consumed in the dream, for example, if what we ate in the dream had a salty, bitter or sweet taste , or if it was hot or cold .

Dreaming that pleasant and good quality food is eaten is an indication of a time of success and joy that will leave us great satisfaction, on the contrary, if the food eaten in the dream is unpleasant in any way, it usually indicates the near future. with hassles and annoyances.

Dreaming that you eat too much food is, in many cases, an indication that you are seeking instant gratification based solely on physical pleasures.

Food eaten in dreams can also be a symbol of a part of ourselves that we have been denying and that needs to be integrated.

Dreaming that you eat alone is an indication of loneliness , decay, rejection or depression .

Dreaming that you eat in the company of other people is usually a symbol of harmony and cooperation and often heralds prosperity and personal benefits.

Spiritually, feeding in dreams can also represent the embrace of new ideas aimed at finding spiritual fulfillment.

To dream that someone takes our food is a sign of upcoming problems, mostly due to jealousy or jealous people.

To dream that food of any kind is cooked is usually a good omen of cordial family relationships.

In dreams, desserts often represent the enjoyment of the good things in life, indulgence, excesses, celebrations , rewards and temptations. Since desserts are served at the end of a meal, it is also common for these to represent the final stages or completion of a project or pending issue.

Dreaming that you eat oysters or asparagus usually has a clear sexual connotation.

Dreaming of stews is a harbinger of great conflicts in an intimate relationship.

For a man who dreams of cucumbers, especially if they are of a good size, it is usually a reflection of his fears about his sexual performance. For a woman, this same dream usually manifests her desire for the energy and strength associated with masculinity.

Dreaming about buying eggs often represents the desire to conceive or get creative inspiration .

Dreaming that eggs are broken may represent the need to get to the truth about something.

Dreaming of rotten eggs is generally a bad omen and signals an upcoming bad fortune .

Dreaming about eating jelly is usually the expression of an unconscious desire for pleasant interruptions to a boring routine.

Dreaming that gelatin is being prepared is generally a sign of a desire to meet old friends again .

Dreams in which lettuces appear usually have a sexual connotation.

For a woman, dreaming that she gives a lettuce to a man usually indicates her desire to be intimate. For a man receiving a lettuce from a woman in the dream usually represents his desire to conquer her.

Dreaming about buying or eating meat is usually a short-term harbinger of good luck , however, the meaning differs in the case of people who do not eat meat such as vegetarians and vegans. Dreaming of meat also tends to manifest the sensual side of life, the sins of the flesh, and it could contain warning about immoral behavior.

Dreaming that you eat meringue often represents secret doubts about a colleague or friend that very possibly turn out to be vague and without foundation.

Dreaming that you eat molasses usually indicates setbacks for making statements that are not very wise and calculated, it is important to remain alert, especially at work .

To dream that bread rolls are baked usually represents a longing to have children. Dreaming that you eat muffins is generally an indication of good times as a family .

To dream that mustard is spread is often a sign of an unconscious desire to destroy something or someone.

Lamb meat often heralds blessings for the home.

Dreaming that olives are eaten is usually an indicator of particularly social or romantic successes that will come soon.

Dreaming of onions , particularly if they appear in quantity, is usually an omen that success will come but you will have to fight against envy and jealousy.

Dreaming that you eat onions usually predicts good chances of success in what you want.

The interpretation of dreams with oranges usually depends on what happens with them in the dream, generally, they are related to feelings of love and sex. A box or container containing neat and clean oranges generally signifies a well-organized progress towards success, on the other hand, if during sleep, you eat an orange , it is possible that minor problems and obstacles may interrupt or slow down progress.

Dreaming that you eat parsley is usually an omen of pleasant social gatherings.

Harvesting parsley often indicates little wishes and quirks that have been wanted for some time and for which now is a good time.

Skewers in dreams represent our social circles, as well as the ability we have to interact with new people who come into our life. A skewer with many foods suggests that we have great empathy and our personality is attractive to the people around us, while if the skewer only has one food, it will be a sign that sometimes we are somewhat introverted, which makes social relations difficult.

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