Meaning of Dreaming about Height

It is common that in dreams we see ourselves higher or lower than we really are, and this is due to the perception we have of ourselves

To dream that we are taller than in real life is a sign that we are satisfied with the concept we have of ourselves, we feel satisfied with our abilities and achievements, while if we are shorter in the dream, it is usually a sign of insecurity and frustration.

Dreams where height is not related to our height are usually related to our ambitions , the higher the height, the higher our expectations regarding what we want to achieve.

If the height we dream of is that of a mountain , it indicates that we must take advantage not only of our capacities but also of the opportunities that come our way to carry out our projects.

Dreaming of a very tall man indicates that there will be some difficulties in the effective field.

Dreaming of very tall palaces or castles is a harbinger of obstacles and difficulties in various fields of our life.

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