Meaning of dreaming about lying down

This dream usually has different meanings depending on who you dream of sleeping with.

Dreaming that you are sleeping with a person of the opposite sex can mean an obstacle to your designs.

If in the dream you sleep with another person of the same sex, it may indicate annoyance.

If the person sleeping with in the dream is an ugly man it means illness , if on the other hand he is a good looking man it indicates disappointment.

Sleeping with an ugly woman means death . With a pretty woman it indicates treason .

Sleeping with your absent spouse heralds bad news. If it is with his consort it indicates rejoicing.

Sleeping with one’s mother indicates security in business . Sleeping with your own daughter means scandal . If it is with your sister, you can indicate a close trip .

Sleeping with a prostitute heralds permanent fortune .

Going to bed without any company is usually a symbol of a waiting or trial period.

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