Meaning of Dreaming about Mayor

In dreams, the government , in general, symbolizes our most powerful psychological force , it is necessary to take this into account for the interpretation of dreams with representative characters of the government as protagonists.

Dreaming of figures of power such as mayors, governors, presidents or almost any other ruler is usually an invitation to reflect on the qualities that govern us in daily life, in the same way, our subconscious tries to give us an idea about the way we organize and govern our own lives.

To dream that you are part of the government, as mayor for example, is an indication of a good control over your own life, however, dreaming that you occupy a very powerful position in a government can be a harbinger of uncertain times.

If in the dream, the dreamer himself is related to figures of power representing a government, it is usually a bad omen in business , it frequently indicates that a certain business that interests the dreamer is destined to fail .

Arguing or fighting in your dreams with a ruler, such as a mayor, heralds calamities and possible legal problems.

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