Meaning of dreaming about poop

What does it mean to dream of shit?

Although it may seem unpleasant, dreaming about shit is a good omen. Because it tells us that we should get rid of someone who is harming us from our lives. It can also mean that we are clean from any emotional and spiritual contamination. Of course, representations vary depending on the context and condition of the dream.

We will show you in this article the interpretations of dreaming about poop in each situation. The scenes are as follows.

What does it mean to dream of pooping?

Pooping is a natural procedure, but in the dream it has a future representation. It means that your business will be prosperous and you will make a lot of economic profit. It is also usually interpreted with the fear that you have to relate to a person of the opposite sex. You feel attraction but you are not able to speak freely. You need to expel that fear so that you can be successful in dealing with others, especially that person you are passionate about.

What is the meaning of dreaming of stepping on feces?

This dream is a positive prognosis for the sleeper. This belief is related to an old dilemma in which he said that “if you step on excrement then you will have good luck.” Today the same theory is still maintained even in dreams. So, you are going to have great economic gains. However, to achieve that success, they will present themselves sweeping. Once you have overcome them, you will enjoy many monetary funds.

What would it mean to dream of cleaning shit?

Cleaning up shit is very helpful in real life, because it contributes to hygiene. And in dreams it represents that your life will enjoy better adjustment and control. Because you will eliminate everything that is detrimental to your health, your spirituality and your financial situation. Negative circumstances and unforeseen bad luck will disappear. To cite one example, friendships that previously caused you to stumble will no longer be so.

What is the interpretation of dreaming about excrement in public?

This type of dream is very particular and is related to grief and shame. This event must take place in private, but the dream indicates that it is taking place in public. Therefore, this means that the sleeper is hiding some secret of his personality. You are afraid of being discovered and once that happens, you will become the center of attention.

It is a matter that will surely be known because between heaven and earth there is nothing hidden. So everyone will know what the sleeper is hiding. Therefore, dreaming about poop in public is an indication that everything will come to light.

What would it mean to dream of being surrounded by poop?

Being surrounded by poop is quite disgusting, but in the dream it warns us who the friends are. The feces is represented by bitter people who do not care or are interested in the pain of others. Therefore, this dream indicates that you are surrounded by such people.

However, the dream can also mean that it is you who does not care about the opinion and suffering of others. If this is the case, you need to be compassionate, flexible, and understanding so that you have good friendships.

What is the indication of dreaming of smelling feces?

It has several interpretations of dreaming about poop and smelling it. If it is a woman who has this revelation, it means that she will soon have many legal problems. So he will appear before the authorities to receive a severe judgment. On the other hand, if the woman is pregnant, it means that the pregnancy will develop with problems and difficulties. So you must prepare to face the inconveniences that are approaching.

Finally, if it is a man who has this message, it indicates that he will soon face the law. He will surely be involved with illegal affairs and could end up in jail for a long time, or worse, dead. This dream serves as a warning for us to straighten the roads before it is too late.

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