Meaning of dreaming about scoring

Dreaming about writing something down on a piece of paper is, in many cases, an indication that you are looking for a creative outlet in everyday life. It is also possible that our subconscious is trying to communicate something to us, possibly a situation that we are not paying attention to.

Dreaming of writing is often a sign that a record is kept of things, everything that happens around us, whether we consciously notice it or not, is registered by our subconscious.

To dream that something is carefully noted, especially if it includes numbers , is often a warning to remain vigilant especially with regard to the economic field, investments and properties . An excess of self-confidence at this time can push us to make bad decisions . In this case, our subconscious suggests us reexamine our current situation and give a new direction to the way we are handling financial affairs.

On certain occasions, it is important and useful in dream interpretation to note what instrument we use to write something down, for example, a pencil is less permanent than a pen.

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