Meaning of dreaming about shaving

Biblical meaning of shaving in a dream that you shave yourself or that you are shaved is a sign of loss of property, honor or health.

To find oneself, during sleep, contemplating a shave, indicates that the strategic development of some companies will be planned, however, these companies will fail because they are not able to generate enough energy to carry them out successfully.

Dreaming that you are shaved is a possible warning about impostors who will disappoint you.

Biblical meaning of Shaving yourself in a dream predicts that you will have dominion and control over your goods, businesses, and household affairs even though the presence of grudges may cause you difficulties.

If in the dream the face of the dreamer himself looks smooth and hurried, it means serenity, despite the fact that his companions may criticize his actions. If the face looks old and rough, it is an announcement of good streaks.

If the razor used for shaving is dull and pulls on the skin as it passes, it indicates that valid causes will be given to friends to be criticized in private matters.

If the dreamer appears with a gray beard , he predicts that he will act very unfairly against someone who will make a fair claim.

If a woman sees men shaving it is an omen that her own nature will be perverted by indulgence in ordinary pleasures.

If a woman dreams that she is shaved, she warns of taking very masculine attitudes for which she could be rejected.

Biblical meaning of shaving mustache indicates that he will try to get away from bad company and pleasures and will seek to improve his social situation.

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