Meaning of dreaming about smoking

In ancient times , foods such as fish and meats used to be smoked to cure them and thus preserve them for longer, for this reason the action of smoking in dreams symbolizes the need to maintain some aspects of our personality and ethical values. In other cases, this dream will be a sign that we are looking for a way to maintain some habits that are not entirely healthy.

Dreaming that we smoke meat indicates the need to maintain control over situations, however, it is necessary to understand and accept that there are things that are out of our control.

Dreams where we see ourselves curing a fish suggest the need to act promptly when dealing with some complex issues that could get worse. This dream is usually a sign that we are often too confident and do not act quickly to solve the problems that arise.

To dream that despite smoking the meat it rots or is damaged suggests that the efforts we make will not be enough to solve an emotionally complicated situation.

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