Meaning of Dreaming about Sunrise

Contemplating the first lights of day in a dream usually symbolizes the triumph over doubts, anguish or confusion . Dawn usually indicates the beginning of a time of renewed happiness in which we will have greater freedom in the pursuit of our well-being as well as greater autonomy in our own decisions and in the direction we take in life. It is a dream of optimism and hope.

Dreaming of contemplating the dawn usually indicates that after a period of uncertainty a period is looming on the horizon in which all things can be clarified and the resolution of current problems could have a simple solution.

To dream that you are contemplating a clean and clear sunrise is an omen of good fortune . On the other hand, if the dawn is cloudy, rainy or dark, it can represent unavoidable issues that overwhelm us but that we will have to face when the time comes, as surely as tomorrow dawns.

Dawn, in general, augurs better times at all levels. As a symbol, it can have most of the meanings associated with light and enlightenment, in particular, sunrise is the arrival of a new stage in life, a new understanding, a new beginning, and the ascent from darkness .

A sunrise can signal the beginning of a new adventure in personal, family, emotional or work life, it is a new beginning, the renewal of life and energy and the fulfillment of personal purpose in life.

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