Meaning of Dreaming about Threat

Dreaming of yourself threatening others is usually a sign of the dreamer’s need to assert himself in some area, it may be necessary to gather courage to impose ourselves in real life. On the other hand, if it is the dreamer who is being threatened, the dream may be representing some internal fear about not possessing certain talents that will need to be faced. It is important then, to try to discover what is the cause of the situation that you face in the dream, some dreams have such an anguishing climate that it makes it very difficult to know what or who causes them. Very possibly everything comes from problems in our relationships, it is possible that we feel emotionally threatened by our partners, by our parents or bosses .

Dreams of threats also usually have as their origin feelings that we usually repress such as anger , resentment, fear or even sensuality, these feelings may be trying to come to light .

In any case, these threats in dreams usually always come from some disturbance in the dreamer’s consciousness.

Threats in the dream also tend to predict a near danger as well as the possibility of arguments and fights probably due to jealousy or grudges.

Hearing or making threats and foul language often indicates an internal emotional problem that needs attention.

Being chased and threatened in dreams by monsters , wild animals , serial killers , science fiction characters or violent people is usually the representation of a fear towards a situation that you do not know how to control such as a disease or a bad habit.

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