Meaning of dreaming about turning off

Meaning of dreaming about turning off: The fact of turning off something in dreams symbolizes can symbolize the need to extinguish or eradicate some aspects of our life, either due to discomfort or fatigue .

On a general level, fire is related to rationality and will. Dreams in which we see ourselves putting out fire must be interpreted depending on the type of flames we see, since it will not be the same to put out a fire than a candle or torch .

If we put out a fire in the dream, it suggests the need to control our impulses, since we are instinctive people and our character constantly leads us to make decisions or act deliberately without considering the possibility of harming those around us.

To dream that we blow out a candle may be an indication that we are not satisfied with the quality of life we ​​lead, it is possible that this is related to the emotional field, so it will be prudent to analyze our effective relationships. If in the dream we use a damper to smother the candle flame, it can be a warning to be prepared, because it is possible that death is haunting the dreamer or someone around him.

If in the dream we see ourselves blowing the flame of a candle, candle or torch, it will be a sign that we want to end an emotional relationship that is becoming untenable.

The dreams where we put out controlled fires , candles , tapers, torches , chimneys , etc. They usually indicate that in order to evolve spiritually it is necessary to exercise greater control over our expectations and impulses,

Meaning of dreaming about turning off: Dreams where we turn off the electric light hint at the need to be more rational when making decisions. This dream indicates that thanks to our intelligence and clarity we will be able to have greater control of the situations that are generated in our life. It can also indicate that we need to get away from everyday worries a bit and find a space to reflect on our life processes.

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