Meaning of dreaming about weapons

Dream that occurs frequently in individuals who have conflicts that they have not been able to resolve. The interpretation of fantasy has various compendia in its meaning, being the use that is given during the dream determining, as well as the type of weapon that is displayed.

This fantasy is usually recurrent in those individuals who use it constantly, those who have possession of it in real life.

What does it mean to dream of weapons?

Dreams with weapons generally symbolize violence, fights, being subjected to competitions, you are surrounded by disloyal individuals, in business there are people who want your failure. Likewise, it indicates living surrounded by betrayals, moments of economic loss will come

Dreaming of having a gun in your hands represents success, triumph, achieving the projects you have wanted, those plans that you always thought about executing, you should do it, since they will work correctly.

Dreaming of seeing people injured with weapons indicates painful moments, cheating by the sentimental partner, infidelity, being betrayed by loved ones, too many rumors are happening about you, individuals who have always been with you through thick and thin are away from you , there is that distancing from family members.

Dreaming of small arms indicates having a fear of being robbed, of being attacked, you feel that you have multiple enemies who want to cause numerous damage to you and yours.

Dreaming of using the weapon with the intention of defending yourself represents problem solving, you will help people to resolve conflicts, those inconveniences that arise you solve quickly.

Fantasizing with a knife symbolizes that many problems are coming, be prepared to assume them with determination, it also indicates a betrayal.

To dream that you hold a knife with the intention of hurting another individual symbolizes living enormous doubts, jealousy, you have feelings of despair, you have negative thoughts towards individuals who are in your environment.

Dreaming of being injured by a knife, knife or something sharp represents difficult problems that you will live with someone who has had importance in your existence, possible betrayal in the professional environment. It indicates having individuals around you who will betray you.

Dreaming of observing a lot of weapons symbolizes solving the problems that you live, you will have very little time to solve them.

Dreaming of weapons of mass destruction indicates the arrival of problems, you will not be able to avoid it, the important thing is to be able to solve them with determination, it represents that you will live a failure, you must be physically and mentally prepared to assume the circumstances that will happen.

What is the meaning of dreaming about firearms?

Dreaming of firearms symbolizes having a personality alteration, you are afraid of what is happening around you, you think that you will live difficult moments, always believing that global conflicts, wars, destruction are coming.

It indicates being an individual who does not want to be a participant in conflicts, you hate the use of weapons to solve problems, you feel great regret for just thinking about wars.

Dreaming of owning a firearm symbolizes being an individual with a bad character, you have feelings of hatred, that attitude that you are assuming lately will lead you to quite difficult situations.

The women who have fantasies with firearms indicates wanting to correlate with the military environment, possible romantic relationship with an individual acting in a military component.

Dreaming of observing a firearm reflects fear, despair for the moments you live, you feel that you are not protected and there are people with the intention of hurting you.

Dreaming of shooting a firearm indicates the need to let out that internal anger that you have, you must let it emerge if you want to find that feeling of tranquility, managing to continue with your free development.

If in the fantasy, when shooting, you hit the target that embodies the achievement of the goals, you get economic triumph, however, if you do not hit the target, it represents financial losses.

When in the dream you shoot a known person, it represents that you have something to tell him, communicate, fix conflicts that have lived with him.

Dreaming of observing individuals firing a firearm symbolizes that you are letting others take control of the different scenarios that you live, you do not take the dispositions with clarity and determination, it indicates that you should position yourself to solve your problems, not allow anyone to give an opinion for you, only you are able to face your various situations.

To dream that you observe many people firing firearms indicates that you are involved in conflictive situations, you are someone who seeks to live emotions of danger, you are involved in groups of friends with the intention of causing harm.

Dreaming of hurting an individual with a firearm embodies judicial problems, you will experience legal inconveniences.

To dream that you are shot with a firearm indicates that betrayals will come, someone close to you generates many uncomfortable situations to get you into trouble with the intention of destroying your reputation.

Dreaming that you commit suicide with a firearm represents recognizing your mistakes, analyzing your state of mind, getting out of that stress in which you are subjected, you have a mental confusion, always altered all the time, full of rage.

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