Meaning of Dreaming of Agony

Any dream of agony or death is very painful and annoying for the dreamer, because it makes the imagination run wild; however, in reality only exceptionally does it announce death, since it generally refers to significant material losses depending on what the dreamer is handling, but always with a probable solution.

Curiously and frequently, it refers to full health depending on the dream, that is, the elements it contains.

This is because many of the dreams indicate precisely the opposite of what could naturally be understood.

Dreaming in agony indicates that you are living with more or less imaginary uncertainties and fears, but that they are almost always unjustified.

However, this usually heralds your own illness or that of a loved one, even if it is nothing to be careful about.

This dream is frequent in apprehensive people.

Dreaming that he is dying is usually the harbinger of a radical change in the life of the dreamer himself, for example, if a sick dreamer dreams that he is dying, his recovery may be near, on the contrary, if the dreamer is healthy and dreams that he is dying, it may indicate the onset of some condition.

Seeing another known person dying in dreams usually means that this person’s attitude will turn around.

Seeing yourself in agony can also be a harbinger of illness , pain, or loss.

Depending on the context, this same dream can be the announcement of a long life.

Seeing a stranger dying means windfall profits.

Dreaming of a woman in agony suggests that some inheritance or a good business or important opportunity to improve employment is slipping from the hands of the dreamer .

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