Meaning of Dreaming of Anguish

Dreaming in a state of anguish is usually the result of insistent desires and licit and logical hopes (with natural probabilities of coming true), in which case this dream announces that you will soon be successful in your claims.

To dream of anguish when in real life you are proceeding illicitly and in bad faith in your activities indicates that you are taking serious risks and that you are playing with fire , which will easily lead to failures .

Dreaming in a state of anxiety too often, without distinguishing the true causes in daily life, can have a pathological origin, so it is advisable to consult a doctor .

Dreaming that you are afflicted usually predicts happiness, joys and pleasures.

Usually nightmares where we feel anguished or paranoid without an imminent danger in the dream indicate that there is a tendency to feel fearful because of our own ghosts , it is possible that we harbor some fears within us that have no reason for being and This prevents us from taking risks that would allow us to evolve on a personal level.

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