Meaning of Dreaming of Flattering

Flattery, however you dream it, is a negative sign that indicates dishonor.

Dreaming of seeking the adulation of others or of someone in particular implies that in real life the dreamer seeks to achieve advantageous positions using not very clean acts such as deception , lies , hypocrisy , false promises, etc.

Dreaming of flattering someone suggests that in real life you are capable of committing immoralities in order to get shameful favors.

Dreaming that during sleep we are flattered is usually a symbol of vanity and a warning about negative attitudes and acts on the part of the dreamer for which his enemies may be taking advantage.

Being flattered in dreams is never a good omen and is usually a call to be alert for possible betrayals , hypocrisy or jealousy on the part of flatterers in the dream.

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