Meaning of Dreaming of Hanged Man

The figure of the hanged man in dreams, especially if the dreamer himself is hanged, is usually an indicator of the turning point in a depression crisis , the subconscious invites us to value what we have and to stop regretting what we think we lack .

Seeing one or more unknown people hanged in the dream is usually a harbinger of financial problems, legal disputes and money constraints .

If during sleep it is seen that someone is being hanged, it is generally a sign of unfair trials.

Seeing one or more women being hanged can represent infidelity .

If in the dream it is the dreamer himself who is hanging another, it is a harbinger of recovery of assets that we considered already lost and the possibility of new friendships that will be beneficial, on the contrary, if it is the dreamer who is being hanged by others, the meaning is the reverse.

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