Meaning of Dreaming of Kindness

Kindness is the pleasant and affectionate behavior that one person has towards another, kindness helps to live in harmony with others and improve the relationship with the people around us. Generally dreaming of kindness or being kind indicates something good and positive for the next life of the dreamer. In the event that favors or acts of kindness are presented in the dream, it is important to know the symbols they have in order to interpret the dream correctly.

In a positive way, dreaming of being nice or that someone else is kind to us is an omen that relationships with others will be good. If in the dream an old man is found being kind to either the dreamer or another person, it portends that we lead a quiet life, we are cordial and disciplined people and we will achieve our goals easily. If in the dream the dreamer is kind to several people at the same time, it indicates the proximity of new loves and friends.

Being a woman and dreaming kind of a man who in real life is impolite, predicts the probability that someone close to us will behave in a hypocritical way, our subconscious is inviting us to better choose our friendships and whom we blindly trust.

If on the contrary, we dream that someone is rude to us, and even more so if he hurts us, it implies that we are surrounded by false and hypocritical friends and it is necessary to get away from them to live in peace with ourselves.

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