Meaning of Dreaming of Love

Love itself implies suffering, without ceasing to be beautiful.

Consequently, dreaming of being loved by an intense love suggests that you will have a smiling and promising future, no matter if the other person rejects you at the moment, of course, seen that in the same dream.

On the other hand, if the other person accepts, it implies that there is some dangerous rival, so you must remain alert.

Dreaming of a very loving person of the opposite sex suggests that there are unmet sexual needs, repressed, or at least desires for easy adventures that could sink you into disrepute.

Dreaming of other overly loving people suggests that soon someone will make unseemly propositions, even if they are not exactly sexual.

When a woman dreams of a very loving man without being her husband , it indicates longing, desire for illicit relationships, perhaps as a consequence of frequent inappropriate friendships.

A married woman who dreams of a very loving person outside her family suggests that she wants to have sex outside of marriage .

When a man dreams of honestly loving a girl or a young woman, it is an announcement of future prosperity and joy , but also of suffering and stumbling blocks.

If in the dream he appears as an old woman (the older the worse) it indicates that he will be overwhelmed by sorrows, sadness and may be even misery.

Dreaming of looking for a loved one, even if no particular person is identified, suggests that the dreamer yearns to love and be loved, perhaps because they do not receive affection in their own family .

In the case of a single young woman, it is usually a longing for marriage, even if she does not have any prospects yet.

In the case of a married woman, it can be frustration because the husband or children or relatives are not giving her enough affection.

Dreaming of failed love affairs is usually the result of past failures or fear of future frustrations. This dream is usually an announcement of despair or divorce , or of failure in society, for example, in business or political relationships . On many occasions, this dream can indicate that the dreamer normally seeks success for his benefit without thinking about the spiritual, ideals or true love.

In general, dreaming that you love any object is a sign of satisfaction with the current situation.

Dreaming of parental love portends discipline of character and continuous progress towards fortune and self-realization.

The love towards animals in dreams indicates satisfaction with what one possesses, although the dreamer does not agree with this statement, fortune will accompany him for a while.

A dream of true love and companionship in a partner, not necessarily with the dreamer in it, is generally an example of a wish being fulfilled .

Traditionally, if we are loved in dreams it is a bad prognosis, on the contrary, if we cannot be loved in the dream and we appear rejected or unhappy for love reasons, it is generally a harbinger of happy days .

In order to correctly decipher the meaning of dreams that contain emotions such as love, it is helpful to define the protagonists, who loves and who is loved, in many cases, examining the emotions that appear during the dream can be easier than listing each one of the details of it.

Dreams where we no longer feel love for our partner, this in case of having it in real life, may be an indication that some aspects of the relationship have deteriorated, and we are unconsciously distancing ourselves from it. It is necessary to carefully analyze the development of the relationship in recent months, this in order to find the situations or aspects of the personality in our partner that have led us to deteriorate feelings towards her.

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