Meaning of Dreaming of Mason

Dreaming of a bricklayer, or a group of them, is a symbol of annoyance or fatigue, loss or illness .

In general, dreaming that you are a bricklayer and that you build something with your own hands is a harbinger of abundance and rapid changes.

According to the type of construction in the dream, the meaning varies; Dreaming of large buildings or works being built is a sign of large projects in daily life, on the other hand, if what is built in the dream are houses or small works, it can be a revelation of losses, annoyances and illnesses in friends and family .

If during the dream, one is a mason who builds a tomb often indicates a faithful and eternal love .

If you are a bricklayer who builds a church or builds an altar, it is usually a bad omen indicating some serious danger for the dreamer.

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