Meaning of Dreaming of Someone

Someone can be any person. The term “someone” is used to name a particular individual who could be known and / or unknown . Dreaming of someone, in any way, could have a positive or negative meaning in the interpretation of dreams, it is important to analyze very well the symbology, the developmental context and the people that appear during the dream in order to understand the meaning of dreaming about someone correctly.

Dreaming of someone you know, without any other indication, could represent behaviors and attitudes that we have on a daily basis with those around us. Dreaming of someone unknown can be an indicator that there are some things in our lives that we have not been able to cope with and that is why we still deal with problems from the past.

Dreaming of someone beautiful usually indicates that in conscious life we ​​are envious people and we worry too much about the situations of others, it is a possible invitation from the subconscious to be more aware of ourselves. If, on the contrary, we see someone horrible in our dreams, it can represent hypocrisy and falsehood, apparently we are surrounded by people who do not suit us and it is important to get rid of them.

Dreaming of someone fat heralds the approach of a prosperous and good cycle for our lives, on the other hand, if in our dream we see someone skinny, it indicates that it is this person, who will enter a calm and happy period.

Dreaming of someone giant usually represents that in real life we ​​are trying to solve a problem that has puzzled us for a long time, this dream also warns that there is someone very close to us who tries to make us feel inferior. Dreaming of someone small has a very similar meaning to that of someone giant, this dream usually suggests that we live daily with some inferiority complex, the smaller the person we see, the lower the self-esteem we have.

Dreaming of someone we like, represents the degree of infatuation that we present in conscious life, apparently this love is not as temporary as we thought. On the other hand, this dream could be just a manifestation of the subconscious for what is being lived in real life. Kissing someone in a dream is usually a warning from the subconscious to improve our problems with this person, deep down and although we sometimes deny it, we want to improve our relationship with them.

Dreaming of someone bad heralds a close family reunion, it would do us good to attend this one because otherwise we could regret it in the future. Dreaming of someone good, insinuates that despite the circumstances that arise, we will be able to fulfill our purposes and objectives correctly.

If we dream that someone is committing illicit acts hints that there is something in conscious life that could hurt us strongly, it is also important that we begin to face different situations in the most mature way possible.

If someone dies and their death makes us feel sad in our dreams, it predicts the probability of tragic and painful news for our lives, however if in real life we ​​are mourning someone’s death, it only represents the pain that is being felt. consciously.

See in our dreams someone from our childhood could represent an invitation from the subconscious, it ‘s time to lay his head and really see that we wasted in our lives, dream this could also remind the good things we did in the past and with the passage of time we have left in oblivion.

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