Meaning of Dreaming with a Pillow

Dreams with pillows or cushions are an invitation to be more insightful, they indicate the existence of threats. If the pillow or cushion is soft, it indicates weakness; on the contrary, if they are harsh, they indicate integrity of character. If it is an embroidered cushion, it indicates greatness, high hierarchy.

In general, pillows or cushions are obvious symbols of comfort and rest and the dream should be interpreted very in the context of the events that occur in it.

Dreaming that cushions and cushions are available in the dream dreams of being a sign of effective enjoyment and mutual understanding , they augur future commitments towards the future and on certain occasions the resumption of friendship or love relationships .

If in the dream the pillow or cushion appears broken, dirty or in poor condition, it is almost always a harbinger of sadness , disappointment and loneliness .

For a young woman who dreams of pillows, it is usually an omen of comforting prospects for a promising future.

Dreaming lying on cushions or silk pillows predicts that the tranquility of the dreamer will be given at the expense of that of others. If you only see the cushions, it is a sign of prosperity in business and in love. This same dream for a single young woman usually portends a close engagement .

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