Meaning of Dreaming with Acids

Suggesting a kind of alchemy or transformation, acid doesn’t make one thing disappear, it solely ‘reduces’ it to its base or natural parts. Acid demonstrates how painful emotions could also be festering on the floor and threaten to interrupt by way of ‘pores and skin’ or floor consciousness. Meaning of Dreaming with Acids

Seeing or handling acids during sleep can refer to feelings of hatred , anger, or revenge . Meaning of Dreaming with Acids

Dreaming of being poisoned or attacked with acids is usually a warning about negative influences that try to harm you.

Dreaming of trying to attack or poison others with acid warns that you are possibly misinterpreting or misjudging other people, causing harm.

A young woman who dreams of attacking a rival with acid warns that, to avoid greater evils, she must clarify her circumstances with her partner. Meaning of Dreaming with Acids

Dreaming of throwing acid on the ground is generally an announcement of the abandonment of current plans.

Dreaming of others handling acids suggests that there are dishonest people around us who are possibly trying to harm us. Meaning of Dreaming with Acids

To dream that a rival or competitor is attacked with acid is a harbinger of serious difficulties for the dreamer.

To dream of drinking acid is an indication that the dreamer is emotionally paralyzed and reveals a need to learn to express himself.

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