Meaning of Dreaming with Acropolis

Meaning of Dreaming with Acropolis: Acropolis technique of nice significance. Dreaming of acropolis symbolizes goals of greatness. If within the dream we see ourselves within the acropolis of Athens, it signifies ascent in social life. If somebody goals that they’re expelled from an acropolis, it represents an financial disaster. If a girl goals that she is queen in acropolis it suggests riches. If a person goals that he’s a senator in Greece, he expresses skills for top workplace.

The acropolis were the highest places of the ancient Greek cities , they were buildings or fortresses from which the arrival of the enemies could easily be seen and thus prepare the defense and refuge  Meaning of Dreaming with Acropolis

Its appearance in dreams usually indicates that there are some concerns that could affect our health.

Seeing an acropolis in the distance suggests that we are going through a complicated situation emotionally or financially, and that we cannot find a quick solution. If we see it closely, it is a sign that the situation will show a quick improvement. Meaning of Dreaming with Acropolis

Dreaming of an acropolis in ruins is an indication that we have harbored within us some insecurities regarding our abilities to carry out certain tasks, which can make us vulnerable in the eyes of our adversaries  Meaning of Dreaming with Acropolis.

The dreams where we find ourselves inside an acropolis suggest that despite living a negative economic stage in our life, we feel safe and protected by our family members.

If in the dream we attack an acropolis, it is a sign that we will soon be involved in some lawsuits that will put not only our economic stability at risk, but could also cause us emotional problems.

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