Meaning of Dreaming with Agate

In order to understand the meaning of dreaming about an agate, intrinsic characteristics of the stone that appears in the dream must be analyzed, such as the color of the stone, size and shape. Agate is a mineral of quartz listed as a gemstone and naturally has multiple colors , used in jewelry, in some cases as an amulet of good luck , it is believed that the agate has properties magic that can change the personality of a person completely and even cure him of diseases .

Agate has been a highly valued stone since ancient times and was even revered as a stone of science. The Indian agate was considered an excellent remedy against eye diseases , it was also believed that the Egyptian agate was very useful in the treatment of scorpion stings and spider bites . It is for this reason that traditionally dreams involving agates are often considered as dreams of healing, some aspect of our lives or our own health has been healed or needs to be healed.

As a positive aspect, dreaming of an agate can indicate the ability to convince other people who refuse something to the dreamer. If the dreamer is a farmer, dreaming of an agate is a symbol of abundance and his crops could benefit. Dreaming of a black agate is a symbol of wealth , courage and vigor, while dreams of a red agate are usually a symbol of peace and prosperity. When the dreamer is the one who acquires the agate in the dream, it could indicate the elimination of diseases or toxic elements in the body as well as sincerity and innocencethat the dreamer transmits to the closest people. Dreaming of an agate stone has traditionally been given the omen of significant advancements, especially professionals. If the general theme of the dream is happy, it could be an omen that our affairs will come to a successful conclusion, if we are employees, our boss will reward our efforts, if we are the boss, our company will succeed.

As a negative aspect, dreaming of an agate can also indicate loneliness , the dreamer could be going through moments of severe depression , where the company of the closest beings would be essential. Dreaming of losing an agate can indicate periods of economic imbalance, therefore it would not be a bad thing to start saving. Seeing ourselves extracting agate from a mine with great effort indicates that in real life we ​​may have to work hard and responsibly to get positive results.

Traditionally, for a married woman with children , dreaming of agates augurs a great inheritance that could guarantee her financial stability. For a single woman, agate represents positive changes in life and can be the auspices of a future marriage . If the dreamer does not have children, it can also predict a next birth.

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