Meaning of Dreaming with Bonus

If during the dream it is the dreamer himself who receives a Christmas bonus, it is almost always a bad prognosis and indicates that surprises such as miseries and troubles may be waiting for us.

If it is the dreamer who gives the Christmas bonus to another person, it is usually a symbol of greed and desire for the goods of others.

Frequently dreaming of Christmas symbols is usually an indicator that there are emotional deficiencies.

The mere appearance of a Christmas bonus in dreams heralds the need for financial help in a situation of financial crisis.

Dreams in which we see that other people are participating in a Christmas bonus game is a sign that we are harboring envy for the success and happiness of others, which will surely affect our relationships with them.

The object that they give us as a Christmas gift will give us the necessary keys to make a better interpretation of the dream.

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