Meaning of Dreaming with Air

Dreaming of humid air of any intensity suggests that you will have to fight using all your energy against competitors or enemies whose strength and danger can be calculated according to the type of wind in question; consequently, in this symbol lies the degree of energy that he will have to apply in order to win.

This dream is also a warning sign to prevent problems from coming unexpectedly.

In the world of dreams, air refers to communication, reason, logic, and especially imagination.

To dream that you are transported by air is a sign that you are beginning to see issues clearly and distancing yourself from the problems that overwhelm you.

Dreaming of cold air is often a warning about unfair judgments against someone you appreciate.

If the air is cloudy, like steam for example, it is often an indicator that we are not thinking clearly and lucidly, warning us about wrong decisions that could be made under these conditions.

Clean, clear air is almost without exception a harbinger of prosperity, happiness, friendship, reconciliation, and good fortune in all respects.

Seeing bags swollen with air alone is usually not a good omen and usually indicates disappointment.

If the air is perfumed with flowers, it will be a sign of success in our affairs, emotional calm and stability at home.

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