Meaning of dreaming with alarm

An alarm is an informative signal which indicates that something is about to happen, it generally warns of a danger , it can be represented by a specific sound at a specific time. An alarm is intended to alert someonebefore something happens. When we dream of an alarm, it is usually because while we sleep we hear it in the background, for example a car or a cell phone, then the subconscious begins to reveal it in our dream, although the same does not happen in all cases, therefore the characteristics must be analyzed. of the dream such as what type of alarm it is, the personnel involved and when it appears. In most cases dreaming of an alarm is accompanied by another type of dream, therefore it is necessary to analyze both parts of it, in order to create a shorter and more conclusive interpretation.

As a positive aspect, dreaming of an alarm could be a symbol of alert or warning to different situations that are about to arise but that the dreamer is clear about how to solve. Dreaming of an alarm tends to make the dreamer aware of incorrect attitudes, thoughts or emotions as well as to reveal the dreamer’s panic and fear of different types of activities or acts.

On the negative side, dreaming of an alarm could indicate danger. Generally, this is a symbol of anguish , apparently the dreamer is worried about a situation that he has not been able to solve, nor has he allowed himself to be helped by others, perhaps changing his attitude and accepting help is not bad. When the dreamer is the one who sounds the alarm, it is because perhaps he or other close people will soon have an illness imminently, but if it is the dreamer who hears it, it could simply represent tension and anxiety of the dreamer towards others.

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