Meaning of Dreaming with Alchemy

Alchemy is the science of transformation and renewal, for this reason, its appearance in dreams suggests the need to make changes in our life.

To dream that we are performing alchemical actions is usually a sign that we care to better understand our relationships with the world around us, we want to achieve spiritual growth and we are attracted to philosophy.

The dreams in which we see other people acting as alchemists should be interpreted depending on the feelings that are generated in the dream.

To dream that we see someone else practicing alchemy, and this causes us dislike or dislike, is a sign that in real life we ​​are conservative people and that we often show ourselves too rigid in our points of view.

In case the feelings are calm, and even pleasant, it implies that our mind is open to new trends, we are flexible people and the fact of experiencing new things attracts us considerably.

To dream that while we are practicing alchemy we are judged for it, or punished, is a harbinger of complex situations that will arise because of gossip and misunderstandings.

To dream that an elixir is prepared, regardless of whether it is to carry out a transformation or to live longer, is a sign that we are not conformist people and that we frequently look for different options to solve our problems.

The detailed interpretation of sleep

The key to this dream is to make sure that you can move towards something important in your life. This dream also shows that you need to make sure that you get to the bottom of something that is bothering you in your life. Alchemy is the art of transmuting metals to obtain gold.

But the scope of this operation is not enrichment, but a more symbolic act. “They thought,” says an ancient Chinese text, “that it was all about making gold out of stones: isn’t that absurd?” The operation is possible, Guru Nagarjuna replied, “through spiritual virtue,” but such power cannot be considered an end in itself. Vedic texts say that gold means immortality. And it is precisely towards immortality that the only real transmutation tends: human individuality.

The dream about alchemy suggests that you are going through a tense transformation and inner renewal. Although these are difficult times, you will have a positive result. Beyond the clear interpretation of the dream, there is a much deeper meaning. The alchemical interpretation uses symbols of the language itself as a key to discover the hidden meaning of fairy tales, legends and myths, in which the unceasing drama of the transformation of the soul and the destiny of creation are discerned.

This dream can give you the opportunity to break the enormous power of the mechanisms of life, human relationships and the philosophy of life. This is not only a transformation, but a redefinition, both of your own values, as well as of your ideals and goals. On a mundane level, you have the opportunity that what you have available, you can achieve an important goal. In your dream you can have: Being an alchemist. performed alchemy

Positive changes are afoot if

Move towards something important in your life

Feelings you may have encountered during an alchemy dream

Mysterious. Weird. Surprised. Glad. Amazed. Curious. Enjoying.


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