Meaning of Dreaming with Alcohol

Known and used by man for millennia, alcohol is a disinhibiting substance with the ability to affect the emotional level of a person by repressing the nervous system, alcohol can also affect the brain by disrupting the capacity for self-control, its presence in a dream it usually represents either the dreamer’s own inhibitions or that in his daily life he could be acting as if he were under the influence of alcohol.

As a positive aspect, dreaming of alcohol can represent a desire for freedom , alcohol usually reveals the unfulfilled goals of the dreamer; The study of the other symbols in the dream could help to understand the way to achieve and fulfill these goals correctly. Dreaming of drinking sweet alcohol or a good taste can indicate that the dreamer will have pleasant sentimental changes, the sweeter and more delicate the drink, the better the experience. In another context, dreaming about alcohol is often an indication that we have the ability to identify negative changes in our life, and therefore, getting rid of people and toxic elements that affect us will be much easier.

For a person who does not usually drink alcohol, dreaming of drinking a strong alcoholic drink is a sign that he will face some problems, Dreaming of alcoholic beverages in abundance is a symbol of scandals . Dreaming of alcoholic beverages is in many cases also a warning of danger , it is possible that the dreamer has been easily carried away by awkward and extravagant pleasures causing risky acts. Alcohol often represents escapism, attachment, and self-destructive tendencies. Dreaming of drinking very bitter or bad-tasting alcohol can mean that the new experiences that the dreamer might acquire will leave a bad memory. If in the dream it is the dreamer who is drunk or drunk , you probably have a build-up of pain inside you that you haven’t been able to accept. To dream that we ingest abundant amounts of alcohol, in certain cases, is an omen of possible economic abundance, although unfortunately this abundance will most likely be obtained by lacking moral values. Dreaming that close people drink alcohol with the intention of getting drunk symbolizes deception and falsehood, the dreamer could be discredited because of the mistakes that others will make. If in the dream the dreamer drinks a cocktail, it usually indicates that he needs to relax, take time for himself since due to work or other pressures he is wasting valuable time which he could be sharing with his family and / or friends .

Traditionally, dreaming that we buy a bottle of alcohol and put it on the table is an omen of an improvement in the economic situation. However, this improvement will attract envy and bad wishes. The acquisition of different types of alcoholic beverages during a dream is also possible harbinger of expensive purchases in everyday life.

Seeing in dreams a table full of bottles of alcoholic beverages can have different meanings; If someone close to you has alcoholism problems, the situation for this person may worsen, however, if we do not have anyone with problems of this type, this dream augurs an important event that will benefit us not only financially, but also in the social sphere. .

A dream in which we find ourselves drinking with friends or family is usually an indicator that we will have to make a difficult decision between material or spiritual values. If for some reason, the dreamer cannot drink while others do, it means that we will have to make a decision that will affect us for the rest of our lives.

If the dreamer appears in the dream drinking alone, it is an indication of the approach of a very difficult task to face and that we will not be able to stop attending. It is usually a warning from the subconscious so that we think things very well so that when the time comes we make the most appropriate decision.

To dream that we sell alcohol, when in daily life we ​​do not usually do it, augurs that soon we will surprise ourselves with an unexpected action.

Offering someone a strong drink augurs that in the next few weeks we will have the opportunity to demonstrate our skills, especially our initiative and organization.

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