Meaning of Dreaming with Alcove

To dream that you stay or sleep in a bedroom is a warning that you should be cautious because there may be someone who wants to discover secrets and it could be dangerous.

The beds and alcoves can have a wide range of different meanings, from rest and sleep to sex and marriage, generally, these dreams are related to family or social relations matters. In certain cases this dream is simply an indication that either the time or the conditions are not being available for a restorative rest, the body may be in need of a better environment and better hours of sleep.

If in the dream the bedroom appears adequately furnished and looks good, it is usually an omen that matters will go according to plan. On the contrary, if the room appears cluttered, unfurnished , with ramshackle furniture, or dirty, it is a sign that complications, altercations and arguments are likely to arise . The bed usually represents emotional conditions and intimate secrets.

In dreams of weddings or romance, the state of a bed, if it appears neat or untidy, can be interpreted as an indicator of the state of a relationship.

Seeing anything under a bed usually indicates something about a relationship that is hidden and should be visible to everyone, almost always it is something that disturbs the peace of the dreamer.

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