Meaning of Dreaming with Alfalfa

Dreaming of alfalfa or hay is a symbol of country hobbies and possible marriage with someone related to the field.

Hay or alfalfa is ancestrally a symbol of prosperity and material well-being.

To dream that it is sown, reaped, transported, manipulated or simply found lying on it, are always symbols of a good economic situation, the meaning can be reinforced by the state in which it is present.

If, in the dream, the hay appears fresh, it is almost always a sign of triumphs , successes and financial benefits. If on the contrary, the hay appears withered, sometimes it signals the loss of something very dear.

Seeing hay, straw or alfalfa burning during sleep is a sign of fear of a possible unfavorable time and generally tends to be a warning of the need to be prudent and especially not to make any type of expense that is not strictly necessary.

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