Meaning of Dreaming with Altar

Any altar generally symbolizes repentance , contrition, need for sacrifice , and it is assumed that in this it is the spirit that acts; For this reason, dreaming in front of an altar, with or without a priest present, indicates a certain self-reproach that will serve to review one’s behavior to calm their conscience.

To dream of an altar, with or without a priest officiating, is a warning in the sense that the dreamer’s behavior is not as good as it should be, that is, he is making serious mistakes.

Dreaming of building an altar announces joys , successes and benefits in business , employment or social relationships.

Dreaming of destroying an altar portends failures , sorrows, illnesses , etc.

To dream that an altar is partially or completely destroyed for any reason, indicates that the dreamer has or will very soon have reasons to suffer sadness , nostalgia , memories, all motivated by something that left and never to return.

Dreaming of an altar before which a marriage takes place indicates reasons for sadness with friendships that will affect the dreamer.

In some cases it usually indicates the death of an elderly person.

Dreaming of a priest officiating before an altar indicates that difficult situations will arise, be it at work, business or home, and that you will soon go through moments of anguish.

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