Meaning of Dreaming with Amos

To dream that you have masters and that you look at them with affection and respect can indicate a deserved reward, otherwise, it can be an indicator of brutality and serious displeasure.

In general, dreaming that you have a master can represent incompetence of the dreamer in terms of imposing his will on others and commonly, in giving orders, quite possibly he is more comfortable under the orders of another person.

To dream that you are a master and that you have many people under orders usually indicates that you are a good judge about the details of life and usually predict good positions and wealth . However, if in the dream we see ourselves giving orders to slaves , it indicates that we are often indifferent to the suffering and needs of the people who are at our service.

Dreaming that you are the master of one or more servants who are fired in the dream is usually a harbinger of regrets and losses.

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