Meaning of Dreaming with Andrajo

Dreaming that rags are contemplated can be an indicator of shame and misery, on the other hand, dreaming old rags also often represents old problems and issues that the dreamer must face.

To dream that rags are stirred is an indicator of great sorrows.

If in the dream we are the ones who carry the rags, it is usually a sign of moral or even material misery.

Rags often indicate too much concern for self-image and a lack of self-confidence. If, in the dream, we find ourselves dressed in rags and we feel bad, it is usually a sign of moral decadence , misery and personal neglect, if, on the contrary, even if we wear rags in the dream we feel good, it usually symbolizes the triumph of the intellect on material, physical and superficial things.

According to some traditions, dreaming dressed in rags is a sign that a wise decision will be made , on the contrary, for others, dreaming dressed in rags is a sign of decadence, a harbinger of economic ruin and loneliness .

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