Meaning of Dreaming with Anecdote

If in the dream it is the dreamer who tells the anecdote, it may indicate gossip.

If in the dream it is the dreamer who hears the anecdote, it may indicate possible quarrels.

Dreaming about anecdotes being told is sometimes a sign that funny companies are preferred over intellectual ones, which can have consequences in life and in business .

Telling anecdotes in dreams can also be a sign of nostalgia for situations from the past that we would like to live again.

For a young person who dreams that he hears anecdotes told happily, it usually indicates that his interest lies more in having fun than in seeking an end to his life.

The dreams in which we tell funny anecdotes or that cause laughter often suggest that we are affected by backbiting and gossip . This dream is usually a wake-up call, as some aspects of our personality can be annoying for the people around us.

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