Meaning of Dreaming with Angel

Dreaming of one or more angels from time to time is usually a good omen, as it indicates joy , happiness, protection and constant help in all your affairs.

This dream is equivalent to seeing the guardian angel, whose symbol acts in the long term, that is, throughout the life of the dreamer.

When the angel appears bright and flying, but without moving away, it implies that the dreamer is destined to enjoy success and fortune in the course of his life.

When a close, severe and static angel appears in the dream, it is a reproach for the misconduct of the dreamer, and if it also appears with a sword , it is a condemnation with the threat of serious punishment .

When in the dream several angels appear arguing, and worse if they get into a fight , it implies that the dreamer’s affairs will go very badly, and if they are already in the judicial field indicates the risk of losing the lawsuit .

The dreams of angels have some variants; For example, if they are dreamed with exaggerated frequency and in diverse and poorly defined activities, they usually reveal that there are psychic alterations that may be due to their own fault or due to someone else’s action.

When angels are dreamed very frequently and the dream is enjoyed (it is received with joy and wishes to be repeated) it indicates that the dreamer tends towards mysticism.

On the other hand, when the dream produces an unpleasant sensation, it usually refers to the poor health of relatives or friends.

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