Meaning of Dreaming with Anguilla

Dreaming of eels is good as long as we manage to keep it in our hands , otherwise it dreams to be an omen that the future fortune is temporary.

For a woman, seeing an eel in clear water is a sign of new but fleeting pleasures.

Eels in dreams also take many of the meanings given to snakes and snakes , although their aquatic environment relates them more to the powers of the subconscious, as a phallic sex symbol they usually indicate subconscious sexual desires.

Eels can also represent something in our subconscious that we fear.

To dream that an eel is caught is generally a good omen and often heralds unexpected fortune and joys .

To dream that we see an eel writhing frequently in our dreams portends illnesses .

Seeing a dead eel in the dream means that you will triumph over your enemies , for the bride and groom , this dream usually means a long way before your wedding.

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