Meaning of Dreaming with Antelope

The antelope, gazelles, fallow deer, roe deer and similar animals in dreams represent beauty , speed and grace, in general, it is a good dream that augurs economic success, work and happiness at home.

Seeing antelopes running in a dream, especially if it is a herd of good size, usually indicates that our ambitions will be high, but it will be possible to achieve them if we dedicate all our energy to it. Often, this dream is a forecast of tranquility on an economic level.

Dreaming of antelope can be a sign that you have sincere friendships that can be of great help in times of difficulty.

Gazelles have also been since time immemorial in the collective unconscious as that animal that runs away from a lion or other beasts, so it can also be a symbol of the pursuit of pleasures or a reflection of a violent part of the subconscious, as always, everything it depends on the dreamer’s own circumstances and the details and context in which the antelope appears in the dream.

For a young woman who dreams of an antelope that loses its balance or staggers and falls from a high point, it usually portends a poor choice of partner in her love life.

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