Meaning of Dreaming with Antenna

An antenna in dreams is usually a symbol of spiritual communication and the dissemination of information and knowledge, it often warns us that we should remain very alert, and, like an antenna, collect and analyze subtle vibrations and be open to any eventuality that might arise.

The antennas in dreams also represent our means of communication with the outside world, what we receive, or emit with the antenna is usually an important detail to correctly interpret the meaning of this dream.

To dream that information is received through an antenna usually indicates that we should pay adequate attention to events that occur beyond our small and everyday world, and especially, give importance to what happens in our community and in the world in general. .

Dreaming that we see an antenna is often the announcement of the arrival of news from people who are far away.

Dreaming that an antenna is connected usually reflects the strength and ability to achieve our goals, whether in the professional or sentimental field.

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