Meaning of Dreaming with Aphrodisiac

The term aphrodisiac defines a substance that increases and incites sexual desire, this can be found in different foods, drinks and even objects. Dreaming of an aphrodisiac substance is possibly a symbol of an unsatisfied or frustrated desire, not necessarily sexual, and although it is very common to dream of aphrodisiacs, this type of dream is almost never revealed or told, although it could have great meaning. If in the dream, there is another person present, but whoever consumes or possesses the aphrodisiac is the dreamer, it could mean that it is sexually desired. Generally, dreams related to aphrodisiacs could have a different meaning between women and men. Women tend to have erotic dreams with known people or with whom they live daily, while men dream of unknown people, who satisfy different sexual fantasies.

On the negative side, dreaming of aphrodisiac substances may indicate that the dreamer feels frustrated, has depression or anxiety problems which could lead him to lose self-confidence, if the dream of aphrodisiac substances is continuous, the dreamer could be tired of a monotonous sex life and may feel like trying to innovate or experiment with your sexuality. If the dreamer sees another person in the dream interacting with aphrodisiac substances, it usually indicates that the desire to acquire new sexual experiences is high.

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