Meaning of Dreaming with Aquarius

In dreams, an aquarium or pond of fish frequently represents our own life and those around us, therefore, the state of the aquarium, the water and the fish in it tend to determine the symbolism of the dream.

Seeing in dreams an aquarium whose fish are swimming peacefully in clear, clean water is a forecast of lasting happiness.

If, on the contrary, the water, or the walls of the aquarium appear cloudy or dirty or dead fish appear, it is a dire omen and usually a sign of bad luck and problems in business .

Seeing an aquarium or pond with lots of healthy fish and clear waters bodes good business and upcoming joys .

Seeing an empty aquarium signals the proximity of dangerous enemies with intent to do harm.

Dreaming of a fish pond with a lot of mud is a sign of illness , on the contrary, if the pond contains little or no mud it is usually a sign of the end or improvement of some condition.

For a young woman who dreams of falling into a fish pond with clear and clean waters portends good fortune and reciprocal love , on the contrary, if she falls into a pond with muddy waters or mud, the omen is the opposite.

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