Meaning of Dreaming with Artichokes

Dreams in which artichokes are seen or touched often herald secret sorrows. If artichokes are eaten in the dream, it may indicate that a penalty is near.

Dreaming of artichokes, in general and depending on the context and profile of the dreamer, dreaming of similar edible plants , usually has similar meanings, especially if the dreamer is not the one who grows them, which is most of the cases.

If in the dream the artichokes are on the table or ready to eat, it is usually a harbinger of financial difficulties, disappointments, worries and sorrows.

Dreaming of artichokes even in the garden or fresh is, sometimes, a harbinger of favorable opportunities and financial stability, conversely, if dry, rotten or spoiled artichokes appear in the dream, it is a bad omen and generally predicts serious illness or even death. from a family member or friend .

Dreaming that artichokes or similar vegetables are cooked is commonly an exhortation against betrayals and possible discord at the family level.

Dreaming that artichokes are planted or harvested is sometimes a warning about the infidelity of someone close.

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