Meaning of Dreaming with Bitter

Bitterness is an evident symbol in dreams and its meaning is closely linked to a particular situation that the dreamer may be going through, the bitterness of wakefulness translates into the bitterness experienced in dreams, in principle, it is the subconscious warning us of some situation that may not be so evident outside of the dream.

Eating some bitter-tasting food during sleep is usually a harbinger of setbacks, arguments , anger, bad intentions and altercations, especially in the area of ​​the close family .

Bitter fruits in dreams symbolize disloyalty, lack of confidence or some area of ​​self-expression that may be bothering us.

If the bitterness in the dream refers more to a state of mind than to a particular flavor, it is usually an omen of financial problems or in business operations.

To dream that you eat something with a flavor between sweet and sour (bittersweet) is an indication of the security that you will be able to handle any obstacle that appears along the way .

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