Meaning of dreaming with brandy

Dreaming of brandy is a symbol that the dreamer is allowing himself to be tempted by clumsy and rude pleasures.

The meaning of consuming any alcoholic beverage, including brandy, depends on the context and specific content of the dream as well as on the dreamer’s own associations with alcohol . Negatively, alcohol represents escapism, attachment, and self-destructive tendencies, a tendency to immediate pleasures. More positively, alcohol can indicate socialization, friendship, or abandonment of inhibitions.

To dream that you have brandy or other alcoholic spirits in large quantities is usually a harbinger of economic abundance but with a great lack of moral values.

To dream that brandy is sold can be a harbinger of future disappointments and sadness .

If the dreamer himself sees himself drunk with brandy or other alcoholic beverages, it can be a warning about the need to be reserved and very careful with confidences that are made that could be used against him.

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