Meaning of Dreaming with Breath

Dreaming of a child’s breath usually indicates favor.

Dreaming of a woman’s breath means near danger .

Dreaming the breath of a drunkard can mean benefit and improvement of luck .

Approaching, in dreams, a person with a pure and sweet breath is usually a good omen and usually indicates success in business and matters that are being discussed, on the contrary if this other person, or people, have a fetid or unpleasant breath , the meaning is sickness , hypocrisy and cheating .

If in the dream, it is the dreamer who has bad breath, it is usually a warning about harmful jealousy , intrigues or contempt for the dreamer himself.

To dream that you lose your breath, if it is not linked to physiological causes, is usually an announcement of imminent worries and penalties against which there will be very little that can be done. At times, this dream tends to signal failures in projects in which it was believed that success seemed to be assured.

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