Meaning of Dreaming with Camphor

Dreams in which camphor is used can mean an improvement in a position or social position, it is in general a good sign.

To dream that you buy camphor can mean inheritance from a distant relative.

The aguardiente alcanforado presages love constant or love match .

The camphor or naphthalene that is usually used as an anti-moth symbolizes in dreams things that have been stored for a long time and that need to be aired now. Possibly now is the appropriate time to air issues that have been forgotten or set aside but are not yet resolved.

Seeing others with mothballs in dreams can be a warning about greedy people who may try to take advantage of our good intentions.

Dreaming of camphor balls is a warning to take care of our possessions, since it is probable that the ambition of people close to us, leads them to use deception to seize what is ours.

The dreams in which mothballs are present is also usually a warning to take care of our material possessions, because we can run the risk of losing something that matters a lot to us.

Dreaming of mothballs can also represent our memories and the need to preserve some aspects and experiences that have given us learning over time.

If we dream that we are seeing an object stored and preserved in mothballs, it denotes the need to solve some issues that were generated in the past and that even in the present happen from time to time to hold us accountable.

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