Meaning of Dreaming with Cotton

Dreaming of a cotton field hints that prosperity and abundance are coming due to good business .

This dream is especially good for farmers and rural people , but also for industrialists, merchants and merchants, although not so much for people with a fixed salary.

Dreaming of cotton plants that you see growing heralds a rise in the price of cotton, or simply a favorable future in your business, love , social relationships, etc.

Seeing spun cotton in dreams is usually a harbinger of professional success, on the other hand, if the cotton is loose in the dream, the harbinger of professional, family and financial problems is usually.

Seeing bales of cotton often bodes well that better times are upon us.

If in the dream, the cotton is presented in the branch, it is usually an indicator of hypocrisy and even betrayal on the part of those around us.

Dream eating cotton candy usually portends a pleasure trip in the near future.

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