Meaning of Dreaming with Coven

Meaning of Dreaming with Coven : Dreaming of covens usually indicates that we are establishing relationships that can affect our lives and exert drastic changes, which will be positive or negative depending on the images that are presented in the dream.

In ancient times , witches were considered priestesses who took advantage of their knowledge of nature to perform cures through plants and supposed magical powers. After the appearance of the Catholic Church and the Holy Inquisition , witches were linked to the devil , which is why they were considered evil beings and burned for heresy.

Regardless of the case, witches’ covens or meetings symbolize the need to evolve spiritually and in the company of people similar to ourselves.

The covens in dreams also represent the roles we take in society, and the feelings and images that are presented in the dream will give us clues to make a proper interpretation.

Meaning of Dreaming with Coven : If in the dream we find ourselves in a coven and we manage to understand that the witches who accompany us are evil, it implies that some of our friends are not positively influencing our lives. In case they are Wiccas or white witches, it will be an invitation to look for more noble and sincere people, because it will be thanks to them that we will be able to carry out our projects.

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Dreaming About Police Arresting Me:

Arrests in dreams usually herald unpleasant news, they also represent our fear of being reprimanded for our inappropriate behavior. D

When we witness an arrest, it is a sign that we should seek peace with someone to whom we did something wrong, and it will be good to seek their forgiveness. Dreaming About Police Arresting Me

Dreaming that we are arrested can be a sign that we will receive some reproaches that will cause us shame and humiliation for our bad behavior. This dream can also reveal our nonconformity for not being valued as we think we deserve it by our family members or our partner.

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