Meaning of Dreaming with Creditor

To dream that you receive a visit from a creditor announces security in business , with a mixture of some concern .

To dream that we are making deals with a lender or creditor indicates that our affairs are not going well, and that we may be forced to make some decisions that will cause us problems in the future.

In the case of being a merchant or businessman, dreaming that we are borrowing money from a competitor is a sign that our businesses are going from bad to worse. You need to act quickly to avoid major losses.

If in the dream the images become tense or there are lawsuits , it indicates that our projects will fail due to excess pride.

To dream that we are the creditors of someone you know indicates that some friends or family will need to turn to us to cover some expenses.

Dreaming that unknown people are in debt to us suggests that we feel dissatisfied with the attitude of the people around us. Our actions may not be valued as we wish.

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